Congratulations to Heather for losing 17kgs in 12 Weeks on the Vita Diet Here’s Heathers Story. “I bought my first shakes on 27/2/15 from Discount Drug Stores in Highfields QLD, so my weight loss is from then until today. (12 weeks last Friday)  My goal for the 12 weeks was 12kgs so I’m really happy!  I’ve gone from a pant size 18 down to 14 so far. I started using the Medical Vita Diet meal replacement shakes in February 2015.  I started out at 98.3kgs and by following the Usage Guide I’ve lost 17kgs in just over 12 weeks!  I did slow down on my average loss per week after the first month or so but then I re-read the Usage Guide & realised that I hadn’t been doing the half an hour of exercise most days of the week so I started walking 30 mins around my block most days and it picked up again. I drink 1-3 600ml bottles of water a day with a little lemon juice in it to keep up my vitamin C intake and to make the water more interesting.  I’ve been using the meal replacement shakes for 2 meals per day and then having lots of vegetable snacks in between meals to stave off any cravings.  I feel full all the time & if I’m ever in a situation where I can’t have my shake (dinner parties, group luncheons, etc.) I just pick the healthiest option available, stick to my portion control, drink plenty of water and use that as my main meal for that day and have a shake for the other two. The most important factor for me has been determined persistence.  Not berating myself for any perceived excesses and going back to my plan every time.  I have a realistic goal in mind and I’m calm & accepting of the fact that it won’t happen overnight.  I have an 8 month goal and smaller goals in between. I have tried so many meal replacements before and they all feel like gluggy, slightly watery pudding in the mouth but not the Medical Vita Diet ones!  I love chocolate milk and iced coffee so these shakes taste great which makes it easy to choose one for breakfast & lunch without being tempted by anything else in the kitchen that tastes familiar but with many more calories in it.  Being a busy mum of 4 elementary school age girls and partner in a business, I need a quick, easy meal for those busy times so I can work and eat on the go and have peace of mind that I’m not adding to my weight problem – I’m solving it! * disclaimer