Sarah wrote to us “My husband and I started the Medical Vita Diet in January 09. Ian weighed a massive 150 kgs and I weighed 90 kgs.

I was experiencing heart palpitations, felt quite depressed and struggled to put on his work boots. This Vita Diet weightloss program has literally saved his life.

I lost 25 kgs and then stopped the program when I became pregnant,” said Sarah.“ I enjoyed the great flavours and how the simple the program was to stick to. I was also so impressed with how affordable the Vita Diet was and the convenience of no meetings and join up fees.”

What was particularly impressive about Ian’s rapid weight loss was that he retained excellent muscle tone without working out or doing strenuous exercises.

“I’ve never worked out at the gym,” Ian said. “Just had the Medical Vita Diet shakes and soups twice a day, and stuck to the suggested foods list. As a truck driver and fork lift operator I do a fair amount of lifting as part of my job, but I’ve never done any special exercises.”

Thank you Ian and Sarah for your amazing letter and pictures.

Your results are truly inspiring!!!
* disclaimerresults may vary from person to person