Five and a half years ago Loralee weighed 124kgs. 15 months later, after following the Medical Vita Diet weight loss program, she weighed 62kgs. Today she still weighs 62kg!

Loralee lost a total of 245cm from her body and dropped from a size 22 to 10. She couldnt be happier!

“The first two weeks were difficult as I had to change my thinking about food but after that it was so easy. I really enjoyed the shakes and wasnt hungry even when I started working out at the gym (Fitness Connection, Southport Qld). Now I eat normally but Ive been trained to eat the right foods so I feel as though I eat a huge amount of food without putting on weight. If my weight does start creeping up I go back on the Medical Vita Diet and get back to my ideal weight. Maintaining my weight has been effortless.

Its so easy for me to keep the weight off because I am just not tempted by fatty, starchy or sugary foods anymore.”

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